The best team-building scavenging App available online!

App features

The app has many features that will make the scavenging hunt and team building gathering more fun and interactive.

There are some things that the app utilizes to make it more user-friendly and such things are:

The text feature

All riddles can be managed with a simple text. Don't forget that the best puzzles and surveys can also be done with the text feature.

Photo feature

When the text is not enough, you can use the photo feature.

QR code integration

Hide new riddles behind the QR codes that can be scanned with any smartphone.

Video feature

The video feature can be used to unlock new clues in the hunt.

Many voice recognition integrations

Leave clues with a sound puzzle and make the game more challenging.

Share your progress

Social media integration to share your prizes and achievements.

About Us

We are a new company that has lots of experience when it comes to building apps. Our goal was to create an app that gives you the best scavenging experience you can have while at the same time it helps you build up your team skills and communication. We have been working on this app for a couple of years, and once we perfected it, we made it available to the public.

Our team is consisted out of professionals when it comes to scavenging games. Additionally, we have implemented lots of new features into the app and have made it more socializing than the standard scavenging apps are. The popularity of the scavenging team building apps have been on the rise so why not try it today and see why most businesses use it as an additional fun game during their gatherings.

I am in charge of all fun activities and socializing gatherings in our company. This little app has helped us have memorable times with lots of people that have since left our company, and now when we remember the fun times we know we all owe it do this app.

Lonnie Anderson
Bryant Fuller

The special gatherings that my company makes for us usually start off with a scavenging hunt. The activity is fun, and we all use this as an icebreaker when somebody new joins the team. Highly recommend this app.

As a manager, it's my duty to relieve the stress on the people that work for me. Besides giving them less work we usually organize gatherings and barbecues. During such occasions, we tend to have some fun with a scavenging hunt game. This app helps us have lots of fun times and get rid of that stress from work and life.

Clayton Flowers

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