How Can A Scavenging Hunt Help Your Team?

Many jobs require you to be focused and present at all times. Even when you finish work sometimes, you have to be available and for some people that can generate lots of stress. The companies that know how to manage this stress and to simply make some free time for their workers while at the same time they promote unity and interaction between their workforce come on top every time in the business game.

The scavenging hunt apps can be one of the tools that you could use to your advantage. When it comes to a particular action that can lower stress, boost the communication between the people that work together and simply offer lots of fun at the same time, our app the scavenging hunt is the right thing for you.

Scavenging hunt apps don't just have to be the quest type of game where people run around; the activity can be used for many other forms of gatherings.

Scavenging apps and education on campuses

The app alone provides lots of fun, but it can also be a source of information for the people that like to stay interactive and learn new things.

Many actions can be integrated into the hunt, such as:

- Finding new locations around the city

- Ideal for leaving bookmarks of locations on the campus

- Can be used to break the ice with the new students

- Great tool to get feedback from the students about all the locations and interactions that the campus provides

- Perfect for orientation

Scavenging apps as an HR department tool

The HR department loves to utilize new and interactive tools. The scavenging app makes all sorts of information available for the HR dept.

Create games from some tasks

If jobs could be made more fun than they should. The app lets you gamify some tasks that would lower stress instead of generating more.

Form and measure the engagement of the employees

The app can be used to measure and create an analytical table to understand and assess how much are the employees engaged in the work they do. This can also let you know what employees are willing to participate in corporate gatherings and which ones prefer to stay neutral to them.

All in all, the scavenging app can be used for many things, and it will only be upgraded with new features which make it an impressive addition to every group gathering.

How To Create A Successful Custom Scavenger Hunt


Scavenger hunts have been present in some people's lives since they were small and in the boy scouts. The scavenger hunt game is critical as a social behavior boost. Because of it, individuals can break that barrier of social awkwardness people have when confronted with a stranger.

Some social studies researchers have even said that the game could be one of the best ways kids can learn to be open minded. The game also helps people build trust and teamwork as it promotes behavior where people work together instead of as a single individual.

However not every game is guaranteed to be a success. Many people just can't become a team member and be productive to the scavenger hunt. And that can break your games now and in the future. To learn how to create a successful custom scavenger hunt; you must have a few simple rules and things put in place.

Know how to motivate the group

Every group has different goals and ways to get to them. If your team loves taking a picture and looking at such material than the best scavenger hunt for them would be something with lots of videos and photos. Don't saturate them with texts and puzzles based on texts as they will likely lose interest fast.

To keep the group engaged you have to read their intentions and cater to them to some extent. Remember you might be the master of the hunt, but you still need players to make the game fun for everyone.

Make hidden bonus content

The scavenger hunt can be a basic quest and still be fun for everyone involved. However, if you would make some hidden bonus content that can be accessed if a group finds some clues and deciphers them correctly, it can make for a great setup for the next game.